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Down Payment Assistance Now Available

Down payment assistance can mean the difference of renting or owning.  Can you qualify for a purchase loan but you are short the funds for a down payment?  You’re not alone!  Thousands of potential home buyers are well qualified and have more than enough income to qualify for a loan.  The only thing holding them back is a down payment.  Fortunately, with Zero Down California ™ we help down payment assistancehome seekers become homeowners by taking away that obstacle.

Our program is simple.  An FHA mortgage loan is 96.5% of the purchase price.  Zero Down California ™ is a program that allows qualified borrowers to receive another 3.5% down payment loan for a total financed amount of 100 percent.

Unlike some other programs on the market, the  Zero Down California ™ does not disqualify a person if there income is more than the median income for the county in which they live.  We understand that California has many high cost areas, with high cost rents. As such, it can be very difficult to save for a down payment.

Another feature we have added is that a person does not have to be a first time home buyer to qualify.  We understand that everyone can use some help… and that’s why we’re here.

Lastly, this program is for owner occupied properties.  In other words, if you are purchasing a home as an investment or as a second home, the transaction would not meet our guidelines.

All underwriting is done in house so there is no need to get approved for your primary FHA loan in one spot and then forward the file to another for the down payment second.   This makes buyers, sellers, and Realtors® happy since this program will not take longer than a typical escrow 0f 30-45 days.

Sound amazing?  We think so!   Just complete the quick app to the right of the page, and a Zero Down California ™ representative will give you a call to discuss your options.



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